Performance – Habits for an Effective Workplace

No matter how brilliant the strategy, any organisation’s success ultimately depends on the people responsible for executing it. This means every member of your team!

Performance improvement starts with shared understanding of – and commitment to – purpose and objectives.

Having the right systems, forming the right relationships and practicing the right habits day in and day out all helps to create an effective workplace.

We’ve helped over three million people around the world to enhance their performance and increase the value of their contribution to their organisation.
Helping your workforce be the best that they can be is our passion and our business.
TMI designs, develops and delivers an extensive range of innovative and inspirational performance improvement solutions worldwide.

Behavioural Based Safety Challenges

Safety is a serious business. It’s about lives, not numbers.

There are significant challenges that organisations face in changing perceptions about Safety.

Through extensive work with global clients, we often hear the same, or similar, obstacles to developing a culture of Safety Excellence.

Safety can be seen by employees as a ‘barrier’ to doing their job, something that is unexciting, time consuming or a performance area that is not rewarded.

The most significant challenge, however, is changing the view that Safety in the workplace is purely the responsibility of EHS teams and business leaders.

To successfully create an environment where safe behaviours are intrinsic, unsafe acts are challenged and near misses are acted upon, Line Managers, Team Leaders and all employees must take ownership of Safety. They must be inspired and empowered to do so from the top.

Like almost all other organisational change or performance improvement initiatives, Safety starts with Leadership.

Achieve – Performance enhancement through Strategy Deployment

TMI’s Achieve program is based on strategy deployment, which is a part of lean transformation. A major frustration of many executives is that the spend countless hours and funds to create meaningful and visionary strategic plans that are rarely achieved. The Achieve program address the principal issue of how to ensure that plans are set to correct actions and are followed to achieve the required outcomes. It ties the senior leadership strategic planning into a company wide enterprise improvement practice. It links the business objectives with the day to day acitivies.
Strategy deployment is based on the Hoshin Kanri process that was a pivotal part of the Toyota lean process. TMI’s Achieve program puts the process in a way that is easily understood and owned by all levels of the organization. When everyone is striving for the same strategic vision, each person knows their role in making the vision a reality.


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