Culture Change Initiatives

We know every organisation is unique, therefore our approach to Culture Change initiatives is also unique for every client we partner with. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to organisational transformation.

TMI brings a rich and powerful kitbag of creative tools, processes and learning solutions.

Internal Cultural Audit

TMI can provide an in depth analysis of your internal climate. There are a variety of areas that may require deeper understanding.

These include:

• What staffs like and value about the company; and what they believe needs to improve.
• Attitudes towards customers
• Commitment to colleagues
• Attitudes towards complaints
• Attitudes towards management
• Leadership capability
• Internal and external communication
• Working together
• L & D
• Recognition
• Sharing responsibility
• Likelihood to recommend working for the organisation
• Living the company values

Below you’ll find a small sample of TMI’s programmes, processes and tools that could be employed when supporting a culture change journey
Area Course


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