Rage and anger - a road to resolution

This program is designed to equip customers with the skills to handle difficult customer behaviour.

What do you do when a customer has a complaint and it has escalated to a point where the customer may behaviour aggressively or unreasonably? The course looks at rage and anger and how it can be handle to a point where there is a road to resolution.

It is a professionally facilitated programme with trainer led presentations, discussions and group work that models real experiences and work-based situations that will help you build and implement best practice in handling aggressive customer complaints.


  • Understand the variation in a complaints mix
  • Look at the psychology of rage and anger. What behaviours are associated with each and how are they different
  • The importance of emotions
  • Exploration of strategy as to how best to handle raging customers
  • Proceed down the road to resolution
  • Review and reflection
  • Handling your self – Resilience

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