Become a Complaints friendly organisation

Do you know how many customers you lost last quarter? Do you know why? Do you know if complaints were handled satisfactorily? Do you know what you’ll need to do to retain your existing customers and to attract more customers?

This is used as an introduction to complaints handling and an understanding of why complaints are important in creating an excellent customer experience. A Complaint Is a Gift is not only a practical “how-to” customer service programme that takes participants into the world of customer relationships, but also provokes and inspires changes in related thinking, attitudes and habits.

It is a professionally facilitated programme with trainer led presentations, discussions and group work that models real experiences and work-based situations that will help you build and implement best practice in handling customer complaints.


  • Handle and process complaints more effectively from all your customers
  • Change attitudes towards complaints and reduce stress levels
  • Learn to listen and receive criticism professionally and not take it personally
  • Practice key skills for handling complaints superbly
  • Recognise the importance of dealing with emotions when handling complaints

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