LEARNING SUITE - Offered in conjunction with sister brand, TACK

Coaching for success

Organisations are increasingly recognising that their internal coaching skills and practices are becoming a critical part of their existing people management systems and processes. A coaching culture brings significant value to the overall success of a business and the people within it.

Coaching is about facilitating self-directed learning and development. This programme delivers, builds and improves upon the fundamental skills that people need to become great coaches, aiding the
development of themselves and others.

Four different learning workshops within this comprehensive learning suite will enable you to introduce coaching principles in your organisation and implement them throughout your internal communication and people management practices at all organisational levels.

From creating the initial understanding of coaching principles, building and practicing skills, to becoming an ‘expert coach’, this suite enables people and organisations to use coaching as a positive and highly impactful approach to sustaining business growth and success.


  • Understand the benefits of coaching at work and recognise the many daily opportunities for coaching
  • Formulate how the coaching process works
  • Learn how to build rapport to increase confidence actively listen and ask powerful coaching questions
  • Coach others (and self) through Change
  • Coach as an Expert

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