Build confidence for your new role.

Soon after the pride and excitement of first time promotion to a management role, the challenge of finding ways to become successful as a Manager becomes a reality.

There is a limit to what a new manager can do to emulate those who have, in the past, managed them. Different situations and teams will demand the use of different approaches, methodologies and tools. Having a repertoire of know-how and core skills, that can be called upon as and when they are needed, is what a new manager will find the most useful to begin their new career successfully.

Whilst the new manager’s role and abilities will naturally develop over time and through both positive and challenging experiences, gaining confidence and building that initial capability will make the first steps of the managers’ developmental journey a sound platform for success on which to build.


  • Use a diagnostic tool to assess your managerial capabilities and self-evaluate against these
  • Define organisational risks and rewards to enable you to set organisational goals
  • Use tools and techniques to inform decision making around priorities, risks and time
  • Performance coach your team members to higher levels of performance
  • Learn delegating techniques
  • Influence multiple stakeholders across the organisation

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